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From above said it follows that the roller work depends on Ubeg and may assume positive, negative and zero value.  For a certain generator construction an optimal value of  Ubego  and maximal work  Amax=A(Ubego)  for this construction  may be calculated.
Optimal (by
Amax maximal value) turns to be the construction in which distances between magnets poles on the stator and on the rollers are equal to each other.  This  fact was   also   determined experimentally by Searle.     
It is important to underline that all rollers should be fixed in the position when for one of the poles the condition
Ubeg=Ubego is fulfilled. In the Searle's generator this position is fixed as a result of the rollers "self-organization. Its mechanism awaits to be clarified. In the presented generator it may be done at the time of adjustment.   

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