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The theory predicts the following phenomena:

  • at the magnets' rotation there generates a standing longitudinal magnetic wave (SLW): the radial projection of magnetic intensity changes in sinusoidal way along the radius, and the nodes and antinodes stay fixed,  ===>

  • SLW polarizes the electric dipoles of the air, whose energy decreases as a result,   ===>

  • as a consequence, SLW exchanges energy with the air, and the air temperature decreases,

  • a heat flow from the environment is generated directed into the generator's vicinity – to the area of SLW existence,,

  • SLW is able to exist only in air medium which transfers energy to the wave;  therefore SLW is called an energy-dependent wave – ESLW,   ===>

  • SLW transfers part of its energy to permanent magnets,

  • magnetic energy of permanent magnets transforms into kinetic energy of the rotor.