<===Pred  Analogy


The source of energy is   heat energy of the air. Immediately there appears a suspicion of the second law of thermodynamics breach.   ===>  But this law is valid for closed systems. In our case the air heat energy is replenished by Sun.

There exists a convincing analogy to the presented generator, removing suspicion  of the said law breach – the heat pumps and a whole industry for their production.   ===>
Such pump  "pumps" the heat from cold environment (for instance, from a cold lake) to the heated room (with a higher temperature)  and to get 1 kw  from the lake only 200 W  must be taken "from the socket".

The presented generator acts   like   a heat pump,  "pumping" energy from the air. But it doesn't need, contrary  to the existing heat pumps, an additional external energy source.