autonomous   fuel-free   ELECTROMAGNETIC   GENERATOR


Main Idea














This project is based on the author's theory that permitted to reveal for the existing generators


the nature of motive forces,


the source of energy.

It turned out that the environment proved to be such a source. The theory predicts that for certain trajectories of permanent magnets motion, there appears a specific magnetic field, which consumes the energy of environment namely, air. The air, when cooling, generates a heat flow directed to the cooling zone. Just this heat flow is the source of energy for our generator. It is interesting  that the temperature fall of  7 grades around known generators is a well-known fact. The magnetic field also may be observed the so-called magnetic walls. So the theory is confirmed by experiments.

Furthermore, in accordance with this theory we present also some other generators, differing from the known ones by their construction and production technology.

1.      a certain force arises, making the generator's rotor rotate ;

2.      an unknown source of energy is discovered;

3.      an electromagnetic field appears;

4.      the generator is cooling;

5.      a variable in space magnetic field arises around the generator the so-called "magnetic walls", which also are cooling.

     Over a long history of these generators existence they have never been realized on industrial production scale. The reason for it is, most probably, in the fact that there is no theory of their functioning and no explanation of the cited effects, and, mainly, the nature of motive forces and the source of energy  have not been cleared.


The main ideas realized in the project

1.      The variational principle for solving Maxwell equations  and the solution method using this principle have been found..

2.      On this base the solution method for Maxwell equations with stepwise changes of charges density in the space has been found.

3. It was shown that in this case electric waves may appear in the absence of magnetic waves, and vice versa.

4.      It was shown that a system with rotating magnets may be described by electrodynamic equations, and the solution of such equation for various constructions has been found.

5.      It was shown both theoretically and experimentally that a variable in space magnetic field is being formed on the face plane of the magnet.

6.      It was shown that in a system with rotating magnets  there appear longitudinal stationary waves; it is confirmed by the measurements in the Roshchin-Godin device..

7.      It was shown that such longitudinal  waves consume external energy, i.e. they are volatile;  an assumption was made that this energy is the energy of the environment; this was confirmed by temperature measurements  in the Roshchin-Godin device.

8.      The equation describing the energy processes in devices with rotating magnets was found; the computation results by this equation coincide with the results of experiments with the Roshchin-Godin device.

9.      The conditions were found under which, due to interactive magnets motion, there appear forces that support and enhance these motions (the source of energy was indicated above)

10.  New constructions were presented for realizing the said processes.

The main goal of this project is abandonment of hydrocarbon fuel. The presented generator is being patented in Israel.